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Fresh Bundle Master Plugin

Amazon Affiliates Sales Volume Booster!

So I just bought this Fresh Bundle Master Plugin by Carey Baird over at Fresh Innovations, and I am LOVING IT!

When I saw the early bird video, I knew I had to bite the bullet, spend some cash and get in on this.

I am what I would consider a ‘lazy’ affiliate.  I am not disciplined, I don’t work hard every day – I’m lucky if I write one blog post a week.  I’m working on being better about that.

Why? Because I don’t want to go back to working a J. O. B.!  I love being home with my family.  I love working when I want for as long as I want without someone breathing fire in my ear for not doing what they want, when they want it.

I like being independent. I like being ME.

Unfortunately, I’m not independently wealthy.  Never won the lottery, don’t have a trust fund, and no big lawsuit in my history paying my bills and supporting my family.  I need to make money.  So… I need to improve my slack habits and get to work.

Over the past five years, I have been basically treating my business as a ‘hobby’ of sorts.  Making a few extra dollars each month puts a smile on my face – but not food on the table.

How I’m Going To Triple My Sales with Fresh Bundle Master

Fresh Bundle Master 3X Sales
I honestly believe this Fresh Bundle Master plugin from the Fresh Development team is going to make earning that money a lot easier!

How can I be so sure?  Well, being lazy as I am, I don’t have a huge library of posts.  In fact across about 10 websites, I have a grand total of about 150 posts.  That may sound like a lot of posts – but an average of 15 posts per site is not going to pay the bills – at least not right now.


My plan is for my income to increase dramatically by taking my old posts, and updating them, and by adding product bundles to those outdated posts.  There will also be new product posts and reviews.

This should all be a lot easier to do now, with the implementation of the Fresh Bundle Master Plugin.

Search engines love fresh, quality content that is updated regularly. Information is constantly changing – and as an affiliate marketer, you have to change with it or be left in the dust.  I may not get a lot of traffic, but I do get more focused traffic. People who land on my pages and posts are looking for my topic product(s).  With the addition of bundles that I create, they can find not just one product they are looking for, but relevant add-ons to that product.

So, with the addition of the bundles along with some keyword updates, my content will be fresh again, and offer my targeted traffic even more value – saving them time.

So What is A “Bundle”?

A product bundle is just a group of products that fit well together.

For example, if I were promoting a certain cell phone, I could bundle it much like they would at the store – give you a package deal that includes a car charger, a protective case and screen protectors. For a child’s game or toy, bundle with batteries or another set that compliments the main product.

The ideas are limitless for creating bundles of products that will entice the reader to buy more products on the same visit to your site.

With the Fresh Bundle Master Plugin, you have the one tool you need to create the product bundles that your customers want, and displays them very attractively in one of five different formats.  Working right in your wordpress**  dashboard, you customize the look of the display to coincide with the look and feel of your site. Choose products, change colors, format style and more.  You get great looking content that odds are no one else has bundled yet, and your sales volume can increase practically overnight.

** This plugin is only for users on their own sites – It cannot be used on

Below is a screen shot of the different display templates that you can choose from with FBM plugin. They look awesome! Clicking the image will open it a bit larger in a new tab. 

 FBM Photo Tiles Layout FBM Info List Layout FBM Focused Layout FBM Spinner Layout FBM Auto Grid Layout

These layouts are all chosen by you on a post by post basis.  I would recommend using the same one consistently on each site as the way to go.  Variations in design from post to post tends to give readers the feeling they are on a different site. Consistency and a specific post format will create a feel of the reader knowing what to expect and getting exactly what they came for.

Okay, The Bundle Looks Great – But Why Do I Need Product Bundles?

Fresh Bundle Master Plugin The answer to this question is quite simple really – people love accessories.  You buy one product, and you almost always wish you had gotten that other thing to go with it – You buy a bowling ball, you need a bag, shoes and maybe a wrist band.  Buy a barbecue, you need a cover, and that grilling tool kit would be great to have hanging on those hooks on it. You get the picture.

Sure, people could search for those items separately.  But in providing them with specific products bundled together, you save them time, and in many cases money.

A second reason for creating bundles – they are a great way to show off how well items go together.  If you’ve ever visited the website Polyvore, you would see they create nothing but collections of items and accessories that fit well together.  The whole look is in one place for the reader/customer to buy everything they love and just have to have.

One of the best benefits of using the Fresh Bundle Master plugin to do this is that when the reader chooses to click on that “Buy Bundle” option, all of the products go directly into their shopping cart at For affiliates, this is fantastic! Why? Because once the product is in the cart, it activates a 90-day referral cookie for those items. Awesome!

Even if the customer does not complete the purchase today, with the 90 day cookie, if they come back to Amazon tomorrow, next week or even next month to place the order you will still get the referral!

A typical referral link that does not place the item in the cart, but just lands you on the product page only gives you a 24 hr referral cookie for that traffic. I Love that we now have the option to retain the customer traffic for up to 3 months by implementing the bundle plugin!

The Fresh Bundle Quick Start Video Tutorial

Below you can watch a quick eight minute video of the Fresh Bundle Plugin in action to give you some idea of what these bundles look like and how the plugin works.  You can also see some of the layouts in action on the Fresh Bundle Site under ‘Examples’.


Get Your Own Copy of The Fresh Bundle Master Plugin

I am sure that you know a good thing when you see it and are ready to get your own download of the Fresh Bundle Master Plugin, so don’t hesitate!

Get your copy today and be sure to check out the upsell videos.  I got the pro pack upgrade which adds additional cool features that you may find invaluable!



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