Re-Launching Catherine Rogers Blog

 The first blog post is always the toughest.  Where do you start? What do you write about? How can you capture the interest of your readers?  These and so many more questions immediately come to mind as I re-launch this blog.  It has been changed several times to suit different purposes, its hard to keep up with it all.So, why the change? Well, to be perfectly honest, the old designs weren’t serving me.  By that I mean I wasn’t using them to full potential and failed to get them to earn me even the few dollars it costs to keep this site up and running.  So, in a nutshell, they were losing money.

Losing money when you are learning something new is almost to be expected.  You experiment with things, test them out, and if they don’t work – you change them up and try again. Or you quit.

I’m not a quitter.  I’ve been tempted a few times, thinking I just don’t have what it takes to make money to help support my family with this laptop in my kitchen.  But, I would hear one more success story, or talk to friends who did have a profitable business model running from home.  So I would try again. And again. And Again.
What Wonderful Things…

Have I made money online? Yes. A lot of money? No. But enough to know that if I can figure out what worked and what didn’t and stick with it, that I CAN do this. And if you’re interested and determined enough, you can too.

So that is the main focus of this revamped site. To share what I’m learning that works, and even what doesn’t…I also hope to help you “the Newbie” from wasting money on thousands of dollars worth of stuff you don’t need or want.

This internet thing is amazing, and can earn you a full time income, a part time income or even just a few bucks for a rainy day. The trick to it is to learn everything you can, don’t believe everything you read, and do what works for you. Have fun with it.

Don’t expect to make a truckload of cash instantly, and prepare to give more time and effort to investing in yourself and your knowledge base. YOU are the lowest common denominator in your success or failure. Not the gurus, not me, not Google. If you honestly work at learning something and DOING something every day towards meeting your goals – the only thing between you and the success level you want is time and You.

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