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 When you are starting out in building your online business, your support system can be a vital part of your ability and potential for success.I have been blessed to have connected with many people who also work online, and they have become my rock of stability, motivation and encouragement on a daily basis.If you don’t have people in your life that motivate and encourage you, you are going to find it harder to get where you want to be, and the journey to success will be a much longer route.

The time to get your mentors, cheerleaders and support system in place is early on.  Don’t wait until you’ve exhausted your own motivation and determination before you look for help.

Start now. Today.  Find someone who does what you want to do in your online business and see if you can connect on a level that you find inspiring, motivating and empowering.

I have many folks like this in my life, and my growth and milestones have all come because these wonderful people have pushed me when I didn’t think I could push any more.  They have inspired me with their own success stories, their suggestions as to how I can make certain tasks easier, and mostly, they remind me daily to just keep pressing forward.

One such friend sent me this today, she is amazing at pushing my ‘buttons’ and knows when to be sympathetic as well as when to ride my ass like a pack mule.  She understands ‘me’.  The me who gets overwhelmed with life, and discouraged when I don’t feel like I’m making enough progress.  The me who gets lazy and procrastinates, or makes excuses for why I can’t do anything right, or enough, or good enough.  This wonder woman has been my rock.  My mentor. My friend.  And I don’t think I would even care to keep pushing on as I have without her patience and guidance along the way.

So without further ado, here are some words of wisdom she penned for me, to encourage, empower, and to remind me that it is worth it, that I CAN do this, and I’m not alone.
“Your future is waiting for you. Getting started and sometimes even staying in the online marketing world is not easy. The days when we take on the “slacker mentality” and use self defeating words to describe our work and self worth usually come at our lowest points or times of stress”.

Some of us have been taught from a very young age that we will never rise above what we have now and to try to do so is futile. We are not worthy.

Let me give you my favorite line from the move Moonstruck; “Snap out of it!”

You are not a child anymore. Carrying guilt from childhood or even as an adult does not lend itself to a prosperous future. Do not let the words of doubters and people who will never try create your future. Listen only to those who believe in you or who are actively doing the things you have been told are impossible.

Create your own Mantra. Listen to it as you repeat the words to yourself.

“I am an adult. I am a business owner who refuses to fail. I will make mistakes and will overcome them. I will not let others put restrictions on my success. I will not listen when someone says I can’t. I am the only one responsible for my success. I CAN and I WILL SUCCEED!”

Use your own words. Some people will need different affirmations or will want to leave out the words don’t, can’t, won’t. No matter what your Mantra, make it positive and listen to it carefully. Get it ingrained in your head that you are a success everyday that you try and put forth the effort no matter how much time you spend doing it. The more you try the better you get and the more you’ll want to accomplish.

Some people set daily, monthly, yearly goals. I like to do daily and monthly. The yearly is always the same. “Learn more, do more, make more.” So what is your goal for today?”

Set up your support system.  Words such as these will get you over the hard spots.  The ‘slacker mentality’, the I’m not good enoughs, the I can’t do its, and the I don’t know hows.  Trust me. I’ve been living each of those feelings throughout the past few years – they are tiresome, and sap your determination, your motivation and your creativity.

Don’t give up on yourself, there are people out there who can help you. And, if you’re really lucky, you’ll find some friends, mentors and support members who are like mine.  They won’t let you.

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