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VideoMaker FX - Video Creation Made Simple

Create Your Own Marketing Videos with VideoMaker FX

VideoMaker FX is an amazing piece of software that I purchased last year with the intentions of creating videos for local business owners who wanted an affordable way to get some highly in-demand video marketing.

I made a couple of videos, they were quick and easy to do. I started out with a couple of videos that I made for a company online called Easy Product Displays, a fantastic tool available online for creating product displays for affiliate marketers.  You can read more about EPD on my review post, and the video I created was on their home page for some time.  I’ve posted it below so you can see it for yourself. They’ve replaced it since then with customer testimonials, but I was proud to have my work displayed on their home page for quite some time.

Here are the two videos ( the first ones I ever did with VideoMaker FX ) They are simple, but get the message across.


Using VideoMaker FX for Affiliate Marketing Websites

I hadn’t really thought about using the VideoMaker FX software for affiliate marketing, until a friend and fellow affiliate marketer, Bren, created some amazing videos to help promote her site using this software. A Youtube video is a great backlink to your websites, and can help to drive traffic to your site.  Below is one of the videos Bren created so you can see just how different you can make each video looks by adding your own images and text.

and another post for Gifts for Fly Fishermen

I love how it highlights different products and entices the viewer to go to her site to see more!

I will be adding a tutorial video here in the coming days of how easy it is to use VideoMaker FX but wanted to share this with you and if you are interested you can find the software by visiting the VideoMaker FX site.  Click the Image below to get started today with your own video creations!

VideoMaker FX - Video Creation Made Simple


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